Quality Management

The outcome or vision of quality management is that every employee throughout the organization is involved in improving systems such that the right things are done at the right times to exceed customer expectations – and, that operating costs are less, productivity higher, employee attitudes are more positive, patient and physician satisfaction is higher, and patient outcomes of care are improved. In other words, the organization is viewed by all as a highly effective provider – a world class provider – of health care. Dr. Demming is the father of quality management and was instrumental in introducing quality management in industry, in Japan and the US. We had the opportunity to learn directly from this guru.
Quality management is the new paradigm for most organizations involving defining quality, measuring quality, and continuously improving quality. In other words, quality management involves creating a culture of continuous learning and continuous improvement.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Metrics for Success

Whether you are contracting with Medicare, Medicaid, or an Insurer, you will need the data to prove to those payers that your organization is making a difference to the population that you are managing.  Chase Group offers numerous services and supplemental materials to assist you in implementing performance metrics to track your progress. In addition, we can show you tricks in establishing key performance indices as well as comparisons with evidence-based medicine guidelines and gaps in care.

Key Determinants of Change

Probably most important is the identification of which interventions and which programs actually are cost effective in managing patients.  While some programs are effective in one setting with one type population, not all programs will have the same effectiveness with the population that you serve.   Your metrics have to allow you to modify the policies, procedures, selection into programs, and intensity of interventions that are most cost effective.

Performance Measurements

We can assist you in comparing your outcomes with other organizations (benchmarking) and with month to month, year to year analyses of patient and population metrics.

Leading the way

We work with the leading physician organizations.  And, we help them design the most advanced, measured approaches in Care Coordination, health care management solution and in patient management.  We can help you migrate in the direction of the sophisticated, proved approaches.

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