IT Architecture

Building the IT platform is more critical than ever. The integrating of disparate applications is essential to support care coordination and predictive analytics. Decisions made without regard for the eventual integration of data will result in wasting money and more importantly, time to respond to the growing environment pressures on Healthcare.

Improved Care Coordination requires
a robust IT Architecture…
Chase Group can help you get that done

The Backbone of Care Coordination

Improved Care Coordination is the necessary component of the ACO.  And, in order to provide Care Coordination, near real time data is needed…to identify patients who need interventions and to watch the progress of specific patients.  Physicians must have access to patients’ medical records, lab results, admissions, ER visits and other essential information to provide high quality treatment.  The largest challenge in the ACO is the integration of disparate data sources (hospital systems, EHRs, Lab systems, Care Management systems)

Our Guidance

We are experienced in developing an IT structure for immediate and future ACO needs. Because of this experience we are well versed in the challenges of an Accountable Care Organization. As a result, Chase Group is able to put IT systems in place that ensure you develop in the long run and avoid costly missteps.

Significance of the IT Architecture

In an ACO the smooth flow of information is imperative, thus making the IT infrastructure vastly important for the success of the ACO.  By having a transparent technological infrastructure accessible by a wide range of participants, physicians can better understand the operations of their ACO as well as respond to customer demands more swiftly. This all adds up to cost savings, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved patient health.

We will help you facilitate and monitor

  1. Business activities and processes
  2. Data sets
  3. Information flows
  4. Applications and software
  5. Technology concerns

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