Change Management

Change Management: Burning Platform-type Decision

Sometimes the logic of difficult decisions results from the deliberation of rational analysis and other time it is overpowered by the emotion of instinctive reaction. The key characteristic that distinguishes a decision made in a burning platform situation from all other decisions is not the degree of reason or emotion involved, but the level of resolve. When an organization is on a burning platform, the decision to implement major change is not just a good idea — it is a business imperative.
A burning platform exists when the price (pain) of the status quo is prohibitively expensive. Major change is always costly, but when maintaining the present course of action is even more expensive – a burning platform has been formed.
Two key factors: the nature of the situation being faced & The timing of the commitment to act
Major Organizational Change CAN and MUST be managed
Chase Group has assisted a number of large organizations as they implement a major organizational change.

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