Care Management

Our 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry has enabled us to understand how important Care Coordination is. In the past, physicians were asked to do all of this coordination but that process was fraught with difficulties.  The role of Care Coordination has been escalated to be an adjunct role to assist the physician.

Care Coordination is the Key

We have helped a number of delivery systems

Establish and enhance their care coordination processes

Attain significant and measurable improvements in health status of patients

Decrease patients need for hospitalization

Robust systems

Care Management is the critical and necessary component of an Accountable Care initiative

Whole team (patient, family, physician, nurses, etc.) must operate as one team with transparency

We have assisted physician groups implement care coordination and predictive modeling to optimize the patient selection for various groups. Real-time data enhances the care coordination and aligns those interventions with the patient needs. Chase Group can help you choose a strategy to improve your processes.

The vanguard of Accountable Care

This synchronization enables patient to meet personal goals

With this, the amount of care required is actually less but better focused

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