Analytics and Metrics

If we aim to improve health and the delivery of medical care, we must have robust data and distinctive analytics. 
When seeking to improve the delivery of medical care and in turn overall patent health two things are imperative: Robust Data and Distinctive Analytics.

Robust Data

We can assist in integrating various and dissimilar data from numerous sources

Providers within your network will, many times, use various medical record and data collection methods

Our goal is to integrate those data sources to provide one single view of each patent

Distinctive Analytics

Success in Accountable Care is largely dependent upon new analytic procedures and processes

Focus of analyses are: Patient stratification&Patient movement within stratification

Predictive modeling of disease progression or movement

Real-time data analytics are now crucial to ensuring that the care team is monitoring and anticipating the status of the patient

Success of Accountable Care relies on quantitative processes, which Chase Consulting provides, for optimal decisions

We specialize in

  1. Population Management
  2. Predictive Analytics
  3. Business Process Modeling
  4. Customer demographic analytics
  5. Enterprise Reporting
  6. Market research & segmentation
  7. Statistical analysis and modeling
  8. Database formulation
Our Analytics & Business Development services will assist clients in implementing analytical applications and approaches to understanding the healthcare operations. Chase will work with you to identify data, metrics, and logistical needs then develop and implement the proper applications for analyzing business procedures.

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