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About Chase Group, Ltd.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Chase Group Ltd. has provided a unique blend of experience managing strategic and business projects, designing and implementing innovative business solutions, facilitating reengineering and performance improvement.

Chase Group, Ltd Mission Statement

Committed to our client’s success

Our Mission is clear. We bring the right people to help our client implement a high-priority strategic initiative… people who make a difference  and drive the transformation of that business. We assist our client build  the capabilities that drive sustainable operational excellence.
Our mission is to influence business operations through leadership, insight, expertise, problem-solving   skills, and deep knowledge of the healthcare market.
Our Shared Values bind the people of the Chase Group together, providing the basis for trusting one another and helping enable the firm to achieve its vision:
– Integrity
– Quality Improvement
– Outstanding value to clients
– Commitment to each other
– Focus on client’s success
– Do no harm
– Better care leads to lower costs

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